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Summerwave InverX2o, the most efficient Pool Heat Pump in Australia

InverX20 is due for release towards the end of 2023 and it will be an absolute game changer. With newly developed Technology, InverX20 has an astonishingly high COP of up to 20. That is 20% higher than any other Pool Heat Pump on the Australian market. COP is the efficiency rating of Pool Heat Pumps, the higher the COP number is, the more heat it makes using the same amount of electricity. Therefore, you pay for less Electricity to heat or cool your pool water than with any other Pool Heat Pump.

If power consumption is important to you, it is easy to manage with InverX20. The Touch Screen Display and the WiFi App both show real time energy use of the Heat Pump. With this information literally in your hand, toggle with the Settings & watch the energy consumption change, allowing you to optimize to your heating and energy requirements.

Summerwave Heat Pumps

Summerwave Inver-X, our Premium Heat Pump

Inver-X is a top venting Full Inverter Heat Pump, with our patented Turbo Boost & unique venting system to discourage leaf debris entering the Cabinet. There are five sizes available; four in single phase and one in three phase power. Inver-X, the Premium version of the Inver-Pro Vertical Heat Pump. It works just like the Inver-Pro Vertical but better, as recognised by SPASA; attaining the Sustainable Product Award! Inver-X is more efficient, using less electricity but with higher COPs. It is quieter with lower dB ratings. The unique Patented Hexagonal Design of the Cabinet discourages debris from entering via the Fan Grill and through improved airflow, is quieter & more efficient than any other Pool Heat Pump in the World. When Inver-X was released it took over Inver-Pro Vertical’s title, to be the most compact top venting Heat Pump on the Australian market. What is not to like about the Inver-X.

Inver-Pro Vertical

Summerwave Inver-Pro Vertical with Turbo Boost

Inver-Pro Vertical is a top venting Full Inverter with our Patented Turbo Boost. There are three sizes available, all single phase power. Inver-Pro Vertical works just like  Inver-Pro (front venting Full Inverter Heat Pump) but when the Turbo Boost Function is activated you will get up to an extra 20% heating or cooling capacity. For example, a 13.5kw capacity Heat Pump now has 16.2kw heating capacity, meaning it will heat faster & cheaper! Global WiFi is built into the Controller giving you armchair control of your Heat Pump. The Inver-Pro Vertical range is the most compact top venting Heat Pump on the Australian market, making it ideal for those tight spaces. The added benefit is that this Heat Pump is actually attractive to look at. Cost effective to purchase and to use, Summerwave Inver-Pro Vertical is sure to please not just the pocket, but the eye as well.

Summerwave Heat Pumps

Summerwave Inver-Pro, giving you long term cost savings

Inver-Pro is a front venting Full Inverter Heat Pump. There are six sizes available; four single phase and two three phase power. It has Soft Start Technology and is 15 times more efficient than a standard element heater with COP of up to 15.5 while maintaining water temperature. Inver-Pro is Global WiFi capable, can heat and cool water, and has completely variable power, meaning it can adjust itself Hz by Hz to keep your water at the desired temperature. This is particularly useful for those that cannot tolerate even a one degree change in water temperature and has the advantage of lower power bills.

Summerwave Heat Pumps

Summerwave Inver-Eco, value for money

Inver-Eco is a front venting Standard Inverter Heat Pump. There are five sizes available, all with single phase power. Being an Inverter, it has Soft Start Technology for a smoother energy flow and less burden on household electricity. Can heat up to 40c  and is Global WiFi capable. Almost 12 times more efficient than a standard element heater with a COP of up to 11.2 while maintaining the water temperature. Lower purchase price than a Full Inverter.

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