Swimming Pool Heat Pump Suppliers

A girl swimming after service from pool heat pump suppliers

Standard Inverter Heat Pump, value for money

Has Soft Start Technology for a smoother energy flow and less burden on household electricity. Almost 12 times more efficient than a standard element heater with a COP of up to 11.2 while maintaining the water temperature. Lower purchase price than a Full Inverter.

Full Inverter Heat Pump, long term cost savings

Has Soft Start Technology and more than 15 times more efficient than a standard element heater with COP of up to 15.5 while maintaining water temperature. Can heat and cool water. Has completely variable power, meaning it can adjust itself Hz by Hz to keep your water at the desired temperature. Particularly useful for those that cannot tolerate even a one degree change in water temperature with the advantage of lower power bills.

Full Inverter Vertical Turbo Boost Heat Pump, up to 20% extra heating capacity

Works just like the Full Inverter Heat Pump but when the Turbo Boost Function is activated, a 13.5kw capacity Heat Pump for example, now has 16.2kw heating capacity. The Turbo Boost Heat Pump also is the most compact top venting Heat Pump on the Australian market, making it ideal for those tight spaces. The added benefit is that this Heat Pump is actually attractive to look at. Cost effective to purchase and to use, Summerwave Full Inverter Turbo Boost Heat Pump is sure to please not just the pocket, but the eye as well.

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