When choosing a Heat Pump there are three crucial elements to consider; sizing, design and pool environment.

To determine what size Heat Pump is right for you the questions to ask are:

  1. Pool details; water capacity, type of pool (fibreglass, concrete, acrylic, vinyl) in-ground or out of ground, has it a cover & what sort of cover.
  2. Environment; is it indoor/under cover/sheltered, wind rating, lowest, highest & average air temperature.
  3. Your expectations; make the season more comfortable, extend the season, swim all year round, what is the desired water temperature.

Thermal Cover, 27°C water

Pool Size (L)AdelaideBrisbaneCanberraHobartMelbournePerthSydney
20,000 - Autumn/Spring10KW10KW10KW10KW10KW10KW10KW
20,000 - All Year10KW10KW10KW10KW10KW10KW10KW
30,000 - Autumn/Spring10KW10KW13KW13KW10KW10KW10KW
30,000 - All Year10KW10KW15KW17KW13KW10KW13KW
40,000 - Autumn/Spring13KW13KW15KW17KW13KW13KW13KW
40,000 - All Year17KW15KW17KW21KW17KW15KW17KW
50,000 - Autumn/Spring13KW13KW17KW21KW15KW13KW13KW
50,000 - All Year17KW15KW25KW25KW21KW17KW17KW
60,000 - Autumn/Spring15KW13KW21KW25KW21KW15KW15KW
60,000 - All Year21KW15KW25KW30KW25KW21KW21KW
80,000 - Autumn/Spring21KW15KW25KW30KW25KW21KW21KW
80,000 - All Year30KW17KW35KW42KW30KW25KW30KW
100,000 - Autumn/Spring25KW15KW35KW35KW30KW25KW25KW
100,000 - All Year35KW20KW50KW50KW42KW35KW35KW
120,000 - Autumn/Spring25KW17KW42KW50KW35KW25KW25KW
120,000 - All Year42KW21KW50KW70KW50KW35KW42KW

*Average pool dimensions used. Pools with larger surface area will suffer greater heat loss.

*Pool (solar) cover used for calculations.

*Average environmental conditions used in calculations for Heat Pump sizing in each location.

*At cold water start up, the Heat Pump will need to run for a longer time to reach temperature.

*This table is a guide only. Please consult a Summerwave representative for more accurate Heat Pump sizing.

*Summerwave accepts no responsibility for incorrect sizing based on this table.

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