Cheaper Than Gas & More Reliable Than Solar Heating

Electric Heat Pumps are cheaper to heat & maintain pool & spa water than Gas. Heat Pumps are much easier & cheaper to install than either gas or solar. Heat pumps require little or no maintenance. Heat Pumps are literally set & forget due to automatic temperature control. Heat Pumps will heat your water regardless of the weather. Heat Pumps make it possible to swim in warm water all year. Combined with Solar Panels to offset your house electricity an Electric Heat Pump is the most cost-efficient method of heating your pool throughout the year.

Why Buy a Summerwave Heat Pump

  • Summerwave is one of the most effective Heat Pumps on the Australian market. The efficiency of a Heat Pump is measured by the COP rating. The higher the rating the more heat it makes per KW of power it draws. Summerwave Full Inverter has a COP as high as an astonishing 15.5.
  • Summerwave offers all four types of Heat Pump;
    • Standard Heat Pump for the budget conscious
    • Standard Inverter Heat Pump for those who would like the on-going cost savings of an Inverter but not the price tag
    • The Full Inverter Heat Pump for those who prefer the long term cost savings & benefits of Full Inverter technology
    • The Inver-X Turbo Silence Boost Heat Pump (exclusive to Summerwave) is a compact Full Inverter Heat Pump with a Turbo Silence Boost function for when you need that extra heat quickly, with the added advantage of fitting in tight spaces.
  • Summerwave is competively priced.
  • Summerwave ranks among the quietest on the Australian market with sound ratings as low as 38.6dB at one meter
  • Summerwave is built to withstand harsh Australian conditions and does not require protection of a roof.
  • Quality components, advanced technology and thorough QC produces superior reliability and performance. Summerwave delivers customer satisfaction.

Advantages of a Heat Pump Over Pool Solar Heating

  • Does not need the sun to heat
  • Will work on a cloudy day
  • Will work at night time
  • Will work all year round
  • No need to get up on the roof to maintain
  • No unsightly black solar absorber matting on your roof
  • Takes up less than 1sqm of space
  • Purchase cost can be less or comparable to pool solar heating
  • Does not require a separate pump
  • Minimal installation required


  • Quiet
  • Strong
  • Energy smart
  • Economical
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Affordable
  • Safe and Reliable
  • Heats water faster
  • Save up to 80%*
  • Designed for Australian conditions

Heat Pump Design

Design of the Heat Pump will influence the power consumption, efficiency and longevity of life. Summerwave Heat Pumps use only the highest possible quality components, to ensure quiet, efficient, economic and environmentally friendly Heat Pumps.

Strong and safe will ensure maximum life. An ABS or Aluminium Alloy Cabinet, exclusive anti-freeze system, eco-friendly R32 gas that does not contribute to Ozone depletion, double coil in titanium heat exchanger and nothing but the best compressors (Mitsubishi or GMCC) all contribute to the strength, safety and performance of Summerwave Heat Pumps.

Summerwave Heat Pumps come in many different sizes and models, to suit the variable environmental conditions as well as the pool owners.

Heat Pump Operation

Summerwave Inver-X Turbo Silence Boost Heat Pump

Watch the Installation Process of a New Summerwave Heat Pump

Summerwave Heat Pump Install on Spa

Full Inverter Heat Pump Install on In-Ground Spa

Summerwave Heat Pump Overview

For an all year round heating solution buy a Summerwave Heat Pump Today!