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About Summer Wave Heat Pumps

Summerwave Heat Pumps

About Us

We are an Adelaide based business initially established in March 2007. Summerwave’s reputation has been built on providing reliable, energy efficient pool water heating & cooling with world class technology and great after sales service. We are constantly looking to push the boundaries in innovation and excellence, utilising only cutting edge components of the best quality sourced from around the world, including Ozone Friendly Gas Refrigerant and Titanium Heat Exchangers.

Every Heat Pump is tested rigorously in the factory throughout all operational systems by Quality Control Technicians before shipping. Our strict QC results in Summerwave Heat Pumps rock solid Warranty with outstanding Technical Support. Summerwave Heat Pumps will not only reduce your carbon footprint and running costs, but will make your pool a pleasure to swim in. Here at Summerwave, we are passionate about pool heating and cooling, contact us today to find out for yourself why we are better than the rest.

Features & Benefits


  • Patented Energy Smart Design to create fluid use of energy
    • Peace of mind that your heated water has been created with efficient use of power & least interruption to the environment
  • TUV Rheinland (Germany) tested
    • Independent testing means you can trust the Specification Data is accurate & true
  • Automatic Speed Controlled Inverted Fan Motor
    • Inverted & Speed Controlled increases the efficiency with less noise than Standard Fan Motors
  • Eco-Friendly R32 Refrigerant Gas on every Heat Pump
    • R32 Refrigerant Gas is the latest on the market, increases the efficiency of the Heat Exchange Process & is kinder to the Environment than the older R410A Refrigerant Gas
  • Reactive, built-in Water Flow Switch
    • The Water Flow Switch will automatically turn the Heat Pump on and off. No need to use the built-in Timer
  • Smart Controllers with Digital Touch Pad or Screen & Error Codes
    • Set and forget: the Smart Controller does the thinking for you. Simply turn it on, set the desired water temperature , select the Mode and swim. If anything does go wrong, the Heat Pump will tell you with an Error Code
  • Silence Mode
    • So quiet, installation below a bedroom window is now a possibility
  • Built-in Timers
    • Timers enable you to heat or cool the water to fit into your swimming schedule
  • Automatic and Manual Reverse Cycle Defrost System
    • This safety feature stops the expelled cold air from freezing over the Heat Pump and potentially bursting the plumbing. Can be selected manually as well as being built-in as an automatic function
  • Built to operate in ambient air temperatures as low as -15c and as high as +43c
    • With such a low & high operating temperature, your Heat Pump will heat & cool your water no matter where you live in Australia
  • Global WiFi as standard
    • WiFi not only gives you armchair operation from anywhere in the world, but enables roof or wall mounting
  • Strongest Pool Heat Pump Warranty in Australia
    • With such a strong Warranty backed by outstanding Customer Service and local on the ground assistance, enjoy peace of mind that if something does go wrong, Summerwave will be there to help
Summerwave Heat Pumps
Summerwave Heat Pumps
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