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About SummerWave Heat Pumps

Summerwave Heat Pumps are the perfect choice. Strong, safe and reliable paired with low power consumption & high output, resulting in heat at a low cost and a significant reduction in your carbon footprint.

Summerwave Heat Pumps are the only Heat Pumps on the domestic market that feature best in class Compressors, accurate digital controllers, include Global WiFi as standard, are environmentally friendly, and best of all – affordable!

The Award-Winning Inver-X Range

This technology enhances the economic performance of a Heat Pump significantly. The Turbo Boost feature is the latest innovation in Heat Pump Technology. For example, Summerwave Inver-X IXCR66V has a heating capacity of 23kw, but when Turbo Boost is activated it has a heating capacity of 27kw.

For an all year round heating solution buy a Summerwave Heat Pump Today!

Our range of heat pumps


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Turbo Boost Inverter

Why Summerwave is one of the Worlds’ best Pool Heat Pumps

  • Summerwave specialise in Inverter Pool Heat Pumps, that is all we do and we do it very, very well.
  • The quietest, most energy efficient Pool Heat Pumps on the Australian Market.
  • Leading the market in Inverter Heat Pump Technology with the Patented Turbo Boost Function to heat faster & cheaper.
  • Independent Testing & Certification by TUV Rheinland with Specification Data you can trust.
  • Summerwave Inver-X attained the status of National Sustainable Product Award, as judged by SPASA: Swimming Pool And Spa Association.
  • Summerwave, the most trusted Pool Heat Pump in Australia

Find out which Summerwave Heat Pump is right for you, or call us on 1300 989 489.

No matter your budget or requirements we have the perfect heat pump solution for you!

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